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Bio Trail

MA project

Bio Trail

A waterproof and compostable jacket for adventurers


Why wear plastic when being outdoors is about experiencing nature?


Admiration of the natural environment is an inherent part of adventuring in the wilderness. Despite this, the materials that outdoor products are made from are harmful to nature. Bio Trail is a research-led proposal that offers an alternative to these materials. It is a jacket designed as a medium for experimentation; a way to rediscover old waterproofing techniques and explore new methods for creating materials with organic matter and biomimicry. Inspired by technical apparel, trench coats, and old outdoor shells, the jacket is designed for extreme practicality and functionality. It protects the wearer and their gear through hidden pockets and strategic layering.


Jackets are fundamental to outdoor activities. Made for beginners, Bio Trail introduces wearers to their chosen activity. The garment creates a new relationship between the user and the object, accumulating emotional value as it is fixed and re-waterproofed to extend its life as long as possible. This product and process encourage a more sustainable mindset, engaging practitioners in responsible habits from the very start. The jacket employs circularity and a ‘leave-no-trace’ mindset.


Softwares used: Clo 3D, Premiere Pro

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