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I designed clogs for the Japanese brand Dulton

Dulton clogs

LE COUEDIC_Maël A3 boards2.jpg

After analysing Dulton’s products on the website, going over the huge range of different objects, I got a pretty good understanding of the brand’s identity, comparing them to the competitors on the Japanese market mainly. Thanks to this research I’ve found a gap in Dulton’s product range, within the gardening category. In fact, all sort of accessories and tools are sold along with garments such as t-shirts, shorts or gloves. 
Inspired by this first step of research, I carried out ideations with drawings and mock-ups keeping in mind the brand aesthetic.
I chose to make clogs rather than other types of shoes, because they are easy to put on. The sturdy look of this pair of clogs, inspired by the Dulton's brand image, along with the DTN stylish and more contemporary look, integrates the clog within Dulton’s range.

From the beginning of the research I have wanted these clogs to be sold in a couple of sizes only, in order to facilitate the production and the storage. They would be available in four sizes, S, M, L and XL, covering from a 36 to a 47. Moreover, made out of a singular, long-lasting material, a simple density injected EVA, the clog is easier to manufacture and more resistant, protecting the feet of casual gardeners. The design, suited for its purpose, gather a thick notched sole, a stiff and flat front upper for toes protection and a wide opening for an easy to put on.

Softwares used: Blender, InDesign, Premiere Pro

LE COUEDIC_Maël A3 boards3.jpg
LE COUEDIC_Maël_Research file.jpg
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